Silver Washed Fritillaries at Buckland

Silver-washed fritillary

The Silver Washed Fritillary (Argynnis paphia) is a large and graceful butterfly found in woodland during high summer.

One of the largest British butterflies, the Silver Washed Fritillary is regularly seen on the estate's woodland walks flying along the sunny, tree lined rides.

The butterfly gets its name from the silver streaks on the underside of its wing, and if you're lucky, you might witness its spectacular aerobatic courtship ritual, where the female flies in a straight line while the male loops the loop around her.

Buckland’s woodlands are managed in a balanced way, considering both biodiversity and timber production, which makes them an ideal environment for both the insects themselves, and also the caterpillar food plant, which is the Common Dog Violet (Viola riviniana).

A distinctive dog violet
NTIL 1196534 Dog Violet Heddon Valley
A distinctive dog violet

Why not join in with the Big Butterfly Count in the Summer months? You can get involved with this national survey at Buckland Abbey and help us to monitor and protect wildlife such as the Silver Washed Fritillary for years to come.