Buckland bluebells

Bluebells in the woods at Buckland Abbey

Follow the winding paths through the Great North Wood and pass through carpets of spectacular bluebells.

The best spot to discover bluebells here at Buckland Abbey are on our estate walks, which are covered in a sea of shimmering bluebells from April to May.

The walk takes you over the fields to the ancient woodland where in the middle of the woods and along the banks are covered in a thick carpet of sweetly scented  bluebells. 

Bluebells in the Great North wood
bluebells in the wood
Bluebells in the Great North wood

Every Spring the woods are carpeted with swathes of glorious bluebells everywhere you look. Explore them anytime by following either the red or blue routes which take you through the fields then onto the woodland.

Bluebells in Great North Wood
Bluebells in Great North Wood
Bluebells in Great North Wood

Ancient Woodland and folklore

The woodlands here at Buckland have a very long and important history. The Cistercian monks who once lived at Buckland would have been responsible for the woodland management of the estate.

Today our Ranger teams and volunteer teams work hard to protect and look after the woodlands for generations to enjoy. 

Buckland Bluebells
bluebells in a field
Buckland Bluebells

There is intriguing folklore surrounding bluebells. Some believed that by wearing a wreath made of the flowers, the wearer would be forced to tell the truth. Others believed that if you could turn one of the flowers inside out without tearing it, you would eventually find the one you love.

Walking route information

The Yellow Route is currently closed for woodland management.

The Red Route - Medium

The red route is about 2.5 miles long and is the most picturesque and takes you through the fields and woodlands. This route can get quite muddy, especially after heavy rain, so remember to pack the wellies. 

Walking boots are reccomended for this walk, as the paths can be uneven through the woods.

This walk will take around 45 minutes to complete.

The Blue Route - Hard

For a longer and more distanced walk, the blue route through the woodlands over looking the river is glorious this time of year.

Walking boots are essential for this walk an will take about 1.30hrs to finish. 

Can I bring my dog?

We are very dog friendly and all the walks are great for dog walking.

Please just remember to keep your dog on a lead at all times.

We do not have any dog poo bins onsite. If your dog has accident whilst you are on the woodland walks - please feel free to 'stick and flick' into the hedgerows. 

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