Your dog and the countryside at Burton Bradstock

A dog on a lead being taken for a walk up the eastern side of Golden Cap

The National Trust countryside around Burton Bradstock is farmland. It’s a working landscape criss-crossed by footpaths, perfect for walking and quiet enjoyment. We welcome dogs but please be entirely responsible for them at all times to help protect this special place.

We love dogs and welcome them at our outdoor places, and we love responsible dog owners even more.

Here's how to be one of those owners when you visit our coast and countryside sites.

• Keep your dog in sight and and use a lead if requested

• Some sites request that dogs are kept on a short lead, due to ground nesting birds

• If your dog is off the lead, it must be kept under close control

• Look out for and follow the instructions on any local notices

• Do use the dedicated dog bins

• Observe local restrictions on West Dorset beaches

Please help to keep the countryside a safe, healthy and enjoyable place for you and your dog, other visitors, wildlife and livestock.

Your dog - your job

Please don't allow your dog to foul the beach, car park or farmland – remember that this is a place enjoyed by families and young children. If your dog does foul during your visit, we encourage you to take it home for disposal. If this is not possible, the litter bins can be used. Either way, it is very important to pick up after your dog.

Dogs and livestock

Your dog must be under close control around farm animals. We recommend the use of a lead at all times, as it is impossible to know how your dog may behave. Sheep are especially vulnerable – don’t forget that they are the farmer’s livelihood and don’t like being chased by your dog. Give cows a wide berth, but if you feel threatened or are chased let your dog off the lead to avoid danger to yourself. Dog mess can be dangerous for farm animals, especially cows. The neosporosis parasite can be passed to cows, and can cause them to abort their calves. Therefore please don’t allow your dog to foul farmland.

Dogs and wildlife

Your dog can present a serious problem for wildlife. Be aware that from February to August, birds can be nesting at the coast or on farmland. They are easily disturbed, so you need to keep your dog on a lead during this period. Ground nesting birds are especially vulnerable – some of our rarest birds nest on the ground and are easily disturbed. Dog mess can also be a real problem, causing nutrient enrichment of sensitive sites which can mean that some rare plants are unable to grow. Again, please always pick up after your dog.

Thank you for respecting the countryside at Burton Bradstock. We hope that you and your dog have a lovely visit.