Calstone and Cherhill Downs

Cherhill Down, with a chalk white horse, Iron Age hillfort and obelisk has breath-taking views over the wildlife haven of Calstone coombes.

Calstone and Cherhill Downs

Things to see and do 

Evening view over rolling hills

What's special about Calstone and Cherhill Downs?

The National Trust looks after Calstone and Cherhill Downs because of their rich and diverse natural habitats and because the rolling hills and deep enclosing coombes allow people to escape into nature. A climb to the top of Cherhill will have you standing on ancient banks and ditches, once home to Bronze Age and Iron Age families. The later monument stand out for miles around.

Spring flower and rolling downs

Exploring the downs on foot

There's only one way to appreciate these downs and that's by foot. You can explore by finding your own way, or if you prefer you can follow a set route taking you through some of the loveliest parts of the downs.

Calstone and Cherhill Downs


Calstone and Cherhill Downs are a haven for wildlife

Calstone and Cherhill Downs


The history of Calstone and Cherhill Downs

Calstone and Cherhill Downs

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Calstone and Cherhill Downs

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