Autumn at Castle Coole

An autumnal view of the house from the Killynure path

Autumn at Castle Coole is a very special time of year - trees are turning golden brown as you enjoy the crisp fresh air whilst the fallen leaves crunch under your feet

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year to visit Castle Coole as this peaceful parkland stays warm with its golden colours. There's no better time of year to capture on camera as the intense shades of orange, yellow and red fill us with energy. As darker days draw in, create your own colour photo library to browse through when you get home. 

Autumn Trails

Head for the Beech Trail in autumn. Uncover this tranquil walk and enjoy the historic estate at Castle Coole in all its autumn glory. Feast your eyes on the range of golden colours from the magnificient Beech trees along the way. Stop-off at the 18th century Ice House before diverting onto the Castle Coole Lake Walk Trail to take another pleasant stroll around the calming waters of Lough Coole. Top tip: Climb the Killynure Path to be rewarded with stunning views.

The lake walk has great views all year round
An autumnal view across Lough Coole
The lake walk has great views all year round

Wildlife spotting

While exploring the estate, don't forget to keep an eye out for varied wildlife who are lucky enough to call Castle Coole home. The dense reed beds around the margins of the lake, backed by alder and willow trees provide sanctuary for a whole array of water birds. Some of the birds which can be seen include mallard and tufted duck, mute swan, heron, great crested grebe, little grebe, water hen, coote and kingfisher. Snipe and wood-cock can be found in the wet woodland edges, with pheasant in the nearby woods.

Swans on the lough
Swan relaxing on the lough
Swans on the lough