Explore underground at Castle Coole

Visitors on a guided tour of Castle Coole

Once occupied by tens of servants, the vast basement at Castle Coole is one of the most impressive in the National Trust. The Basement underwent a major project to restore and open up the servants’ quarters to the public in 2008, and the vast underground world is now open to explore.

With old furnishings restored and new ambient lighting replicating oil lamps of the past, it is easy to imagine servants populating the servants’ quarters of Castle Coole. On your tour you will visit a whole host of rooms including the Footmans’ Room, Wine Cellar and Servants’ Hall, and discover more about the stories of the people who lived and worked at Castle Coole. 
The latest addition to the Basement is an impressive range, which came all the way from the kitchens in Lincoln Cathedral. The 6 foot wide range is a very close match to the original range which used to be in the Castle Coole kitchen.

Hidden from view

The kitchen is the final stop in the splendid suite of service rooms you’ll visit before exiting the house via the dark, underground servants’ tunnel which leads you into the Grand Yard, keeping servants, tradesmen and supplies hidden from view of the family above. 
Castle Coole has one of the most intriguing examples of a way of life which is now long in the past, don’t miss a chance to explore this fascinating hidden world.