Signs of Spring

A winter day at Castle Coole

Spring is one of the best times to visit National Trust woodlands as the days lengthen and the first flowers start to appear.

Castle Coole's woodland is made of up mature 'broadleaved ' trees like oak, beech and horse-chestnut. These older trees support a variety of plant and animal wildlife.

Beneath the oaks you'll find a carpet of herbs and wildflowers, looking for light before the leaves appear in the canopy above. Some of the first flowers to appear are snowdrops. The Beech Walk is the best place to see these appear, as well as sheltered under the oaks on the main drive.

Snowdrops appear at Castle Coole
Snowdrops at Castle Coole

It's not all about the snowdrops

At Castle Coole you'll also find a host of other spring flowers to enjoy. Discover bright coloured dots of crocuses on the lawn in front of the Grand Yard.

Spotting spring amongst the crocuses at Castle Coole
Crocuses at Castle Coole, Co. Fermanagh

Through the forest paths, from the Beech Walk to the Gortgonnell path, you might also spot a another white flower which denotes the coming of spring - the wood anenome. These delicate white blooms take hundreds of years to root and spread and are a good indicator of the ancient age of the woodland at Castle Coole.

Wood anenomes beneath the trees at Castle Coole
Wood anenomes at Castle Coole

Get Involved

We're having our annual bulb plant at Castle Coole on Sunday 5 March from 12pm. Join us to help plant more snowdrops at Castle Coole that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. Wear some weather appropriate clothing and prepare to get messy!