Autumn on the estate

Castle Ward as seen from above in Autumn

Castle Ward is particularly spectacular in autumn when the colours change and the natural growth of the summer months starts to settle down.

There is plenty to discover on the estate in autumn, starting with the changing colours of the deciduous trees as the lose their leaves for the winter. The first to turn is the Ivy in the courtyard, finishing off summer with a blaze of pinks and reds.

The Lime Tree Walk at Castle Ward is a tranquil spot in Autumn
The Lime Tree walk at Castle Ward

Lime Tree Walk

From the farmyard, head out to Temple Water where the Japanese maples will be in full colour. From there, head off the beaten track to the Lime Tree Walk which has turned from green to gold and is a magical place to stroll along. It's the perfect spot to try and tick off No. 33 and catch a falling leaf. There might be quite a few to jump around in too!

Find plenty of autumn fun at Castle Ward
A family plays with the autumn leaves at Castle Ward


You'll find hedgerows across Castle Ward, including down by the shore and along the Secret Shore Trail. Our visitors and wildlife are a hungry bunch though, so earlybirds certainly get the blackberry!

Pick blackberries around the hedgerows at Castle Ward
Blackberries at Castle Ward


Castle Ward is coming down with conkers in Autumn! Find one champion battle piece, only to discover an even better specimen just down the path.


The season of growth might be over but one sect of the natural world is just coming into its own - mushrooms. There are an astounding variety of mushrooms on display at Castle Ward. A good spot for budding mycologists is along the Secret Shore Trail which is littered with lots of fallen trees turned climbing frames, perfect for mushrooms to develop. We don't recommend picking any to take home and eat unless you are a trained expert as edible and poisonous mushrooms can look very similar.

There's plenty of weird and wonderful fungi on display in Autumn
Mushrooms growing in Autumn at Castle Ward

Warm up

Finish (or begin!) a visit to Castle Ward by getting a warming bowl of soup, homemade sausage roll or baked potato in the Stableyard Tea-room. Our new seasonal range includes Thai style beetroot soup and white bean and broccoli soup, which both include vegetables grown right here in the Walled Garden.

Although we think Castle Ward looks beautiful year round, the Autumn season makes the estate particularly special. Don't forget to share your photographs with us on social media - we love to see your favourite places.