Winter walks at Castle Ward

Winter at Castle Ward

Excercise mind and body this winter with a walk around the stunning landscape of Castle Ward.

Winter always seems incredibly harsh and takes us a while to get used to. What did we do to deserve such freezing temperatures and little light? The dark nights have arrived, as if unexpected, and we forget just how grey, bare and harsh the environment around us gets.

However as winter arrives, we start to realise that maybe it isn’t all doom and gloom. We get use to the cold air that surrounds us and realise we might just be okay. Maybe winter isn’t so bad after all. We wrap up warm and start to like how fresh the air feels, even if it does feel raw against any exposed skin. Then there's the warm soup or drink after. Yum!

There are new views to take in as foliage has fallen from the trees, with the branches now framing the beauty they had previously been hiding. Morning fog is often slow to lift creating a mystic haze similar to something out of a spooky Hollywood movie and there’s the morning frost which glistens and carpets everything in its path. Like a toddler who has went mad with a glue stick and glitter.

Here are three of our favourite winter Walks at Castle Ward that you can enjoy.

Shore Trail

Take in the stunning scenary of Strangford Lough. Make sure you bring a camera and see if you can spot any seals. The coast around Audley's Castle is a good place to start.

Seals 'chilling' on the rocks at Castle Ward
Seals Castle Ward Strangford Lough

Farm Trail

Meander around the coast then up to Audley's Castle spotting all the wildife on your way. Then get lost in Audley's wood before coming around behind the temple with fantastic views over the West Park area of the demesne.

Fantastic views can be seen from Audley's Castle across the Lough before the trail meanders into the woodlands.
Fantastic views can be seen from Audley's Castle across the Lough before the trail meanders into the woodlands..

Temple Water

Temple Water is one of the most beautiful areas of Castle Ward and will be seeing lots of changes over the next two years. Take a walk around and see how it transforms and we rediscover much of the area.

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