May half-term fun

Children building a den at Cherryburn

If you’re searching for activities for to keep your kids entertained this half term, then look no further. Whether you have the next Bear Grylls or David Attenborough on your hands, there’s something for them to get stuck into at Cherryburn. Activities run between 11am and 3pm.

On Monday 28 we’re hosting a day especially dedicated to checking things off the 50 things to do before you’re 11¾ list. Volunteers and staff will be on hand to help them tackle anything from tree-climbing to barefoot-walking and beyond.

Tuesday 29 is all about the birds and the bugs. The challenge is to find and identify as many of these creatures as possible. Binoculars at the ready!

Wednesday 30 will be a day for the scientists and the keen minds with a charcoal burning demonstration. As one of the most important substances of the industrial revolution, used in everything from steam engines to factories, we will learn all about what makes it so special and how it’s made

On Thursday 31, we will celebrate the process that made Cherryburn and its former resident, Thomas Bewick, famous – printing and engraving. All the artists will love this one as they get to create their own masterpiece.

Friday 1 is also known as Fable Friday, so bring a blanket and cosy up to listen to some of Aesop’s classics, which Thomas Bewick illustrated 200 years ago. It’s also another day for crafts as we get stuck into some charcoal art. Beware – this could get messy.