Walking, looking and telling tales

Artist Mark Fairnington standing by his artwork in the half parlour

Artist Mark Fairnington has been commissioned by Newcastle University to create an exhibition at Cherryburn as part of a programme examining the role of art within heritage properties

At Cherryburn, Mark Fairnington has created series of miniature oil paintings, which have been made to reflect the place, the landscape and the work of Thomas Bewick. The paintings are on display in the half parlour of the birthplace.

Bewick gathered information by walking and his work became a record of the people he saw everywhere he went. Mark has been inspired by a series of walks that he has made around Cherryburn and Northumberland. As part of his work, Mark will be hosting a bookable walk and talk in July.

An oil painting, The Hanging Swing, by Mark Fairnington
An oil painting, The Hanging Swing, by Mark Fairnington
An oil painting, The Hanging Swing, by Mark Fairnington

The new paintings include miniature landscapes that look at the countryside of Bewick from a contemporary viewpoint, and will be roughly the size of a Bewick print, mimicking the amount of detail he was able to include in such a small space.

A sketchbook is on display in a cabinet at Cherryburn

The corner of the birthplace half parlour, with Mark's paintings displayed on the wall

The exhibition titled displayed on the wall outside the half parlour

Walking looking and telling tales will be on display at Cherryburn 2 June – 4 November. Follow Mark’s journey here

Mapping Contemporary Art in the Heritage Experience - A major research project led by Newcastle University with the National Trust, Churches Conservation Trust, Arts Council England and Contemporary Visual Arts Network resulting in 4 new artworks in heritage sites, an online digital resource, conference and exhibition. For more details visit http://research.ncl.ac.uk/mcahe


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Postcards 60p

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