History at Clandon Park

Clandon Park was a family home for centuries. The Onslows arrived in 1641 and replaced the original house in the early 1700s with this stunning example of fashionable Palladianism. Uncover some of the most captivating stories through the years, charting the evolution of this significant house, its gardens and the people who’ve passed through it.

A portrait of Elizabeth Knight
The south front and parterre at Clandon Park before the fire

The house before the fire 

Clandon Park was one of the country’s most complete examples of a Palladian mansion, built for the Onslow family in the 1720s. Given to us in 1956, the house showcased a superb collection of 18th century furniture, porcelain and textiles. Here you can catch a glimpse of how Clandon looked before the fire in April 2015.

The Onslow family


The gardens

The First World War

Lady Onslow with hospital patients

Hospital records survive 

Rescuing Clandon Park’s First World War Hospital Record book is a story of survival; both of the book from the fire that devastated the house in 2015 and also of the people that made it back from the horrific battles of the First World War.

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