Meet the team at Clandon Park

Meet some of our dedicated specialists who've been working on the project at Clandon since the fire. From conservators to archaeologists, our close knit team is working hard to reach our goal of rebuilding Clandon.

Kent Rawlinson in the Marble Hall at Clandon Park, Surrey

Kent Rawlinson 

As the Project Director at Clandon Park, Kent oversees the restoration project as a whole. This includes conceiving what we’re doing, understanding why we’re doing it, and keeping hold of the vision of what we want to achieve. He works on all aspects of the project, from the design process with architects Allies & Morrison, through to maintaining strong relationships with the people to whom Clandon Park matters.

Curator holding the stoneware duck

Sophie Chessum 

Prior to the fire Sophie led a team of National Trust conservation specialists and as a previous curator for Clandon Park she researched and wrote much of the Clandon Park guidebook. Since leading the emergency salvage operation she now advises on the significance and history of the house, its garden and wider setting and the collection.

The Project Team in the Marble Hall at Clandon Park, Surrey

Stephen Castle 

Following a career spent managing large scale construction projects and teams of consultants in the commercial sector Stephen is now the Senior Project Manager at Clandon Park, one of the largest and most complex projects the National Trust has ever set out to achieve.

The basement spaces at Clandon Park, Surrey

Anna Szilagyi 

Anna’s primary role is to take care of the collection and architectural fabric that was saved and salvaged after the fire and to manage the salvaged collection store. As the project progresses she’ll be working with the team to assess each item and, when the time comes, help move the collection back into the rebuilt and restored Clandon Park.

Jessica Maynard with visitors at Clandon Park, Surrey

Jess Maynard 

Jess is the Senior Project Co-ordinator at Clandon Park, the vital cog that keeps the wheels turning behind the scenes.