Site stories from the Clandon Park project team

Discover all the work we're doing as part of this unique project. Get the most up to date and detailed information from our project team on the challenges of their specialist roles.

The restaurant in the basement spaces at Clandon Park

A journey into Clandon Park’s basement

With different areas damaged to vastly differing degrees by the fire, the basement spaces at Clandon Park have proved an interesting challenge. Project Surveyor Nathan Buckell talks about the work we’ve done to clear this area of the house and the previously unknown features we’ve discovered.

A cross section cut through one of the beams removed from Clandon Park

Solving Clandon Park’s mysteries with tree rings

Following the fire at Clandon and our initial salvage work we were presented with a rare opportunity to solve a historical mystery. Using dendrochronology and the beams that once formed the skeleton of the house we’ve made some interesting discoveries.

Rope access operatives working at Clandon Park

Abseiling innovations at Clandon Park

Our project at Clandon regularly requires innovative solutions to interesting challenges. Discover how we’re using rope access operatives to help us continue our progress in clearing the house.

A caravan in front of the house at Clandon Park

Clandon Park one year on: from caravan to conservation and beyond

Following an immensely challenging year of hard work, we’ve made huge strides on the Clandon Park project. Find out more about the situation we found ourselves in during the early days, the strides we’ve made since April 2015, and our hopes for the future of the house and collection.

The west front and porte cochere surrounded by scaffolding

The scaffold structure surrounding Clandon Park

A massive free-standing scaffold structure has been built to completely surround Clandon Park, cocooning the building to keep it safe from the Great British weather and allowing us to continue important work on the house.

The fire damaged Marble Hall

A Curator’s experience of the Clandon Park fire

Sophie Chessum, our project curator, tells us more about the fire at Clandon Park. Discover her experiences on the night of the fire and the work that she and the project team are now doing to safeguard the future of our house.

The saloon at Clandon Park

Salvage in the Saloon at Clandon Park

Robert Maxwell, our project archaeologist, explains more about the ground level salvage taking place at Clandon Park. He describes what’s happening in the saloon and the techniques we're using to recover items.

Cranes at Clandon Park

What’s this crane doing at Clandon Park?

Have you noticed a change in the skyline above Clandon Park recently? Find out about the addition of the two large cranes to our site. Discover the work that they're doing and get a glimpse of day-to-day life on site from our project Building Surveyor Nathan Buckell.

A portrait of the Great Speaker with Walpole

The Speakers' Parlour at Clandon Park

The Onslow family are unique in having provided three speakers for the House of Commons over the centuries. Before the recent fire they were celebrated in the Speakers' Parlour. Miraculously much of this room survived the fire relatively intact.