Clandon Park project update February 2017

Clandon Park in May 2015
Published : 01 Feb 2017

It’s been a busy start to the year as we prepare for the launch of the design competition in March. We've been working hard to undertake all the necessary surveys and investigations. The full Conservation Plan to inform the architects is now well underway and making excellent discoveries.

We’ve consulted with local stakeholders through focus groups and surveys, resulting in great insight into what our supporters want from a restored Clandon. We also listened to the thoughts of 150 key figures from the architects’ community at a seminar at the Royal Institute of British Architects.

The daffodil meadow at Clandon Park, Surrey

Spring garden in bloom 

2017 is an exciting year for visitors with greater access to the house and garden. Clandon is significant and remarkable and we want to share that with you as much as possible. Some ideas are still taking shape, but we can confirm that from Saturday 4 March visitors will be able to take in the sight of thousands upon thousands of daffodils in full bloom. No booking required, just bring yourself, a picnic blanket and relax.

Later in the year we’ll be opening the house again, keep your eyes on our homepage for announcements.

Conservation Plan

Building on the Conservation Statement produced by Ptolemy Dean Architects in summer 2016, we have appointed Alan Baxter Associates to produce a full Conservation Plan for the house and its setting. 

This extensive piece of work covers the architectural history, documentary research, fabric analysis, collection assessment, gardens and landscape, ecological assessment and archaeological analysis. ABA are due to complete their work in the summer. 

This ensures that the shortlisted design teams in the competition will have a full and thorough understanding of the building and its significance, informing their work when bringing their designs to life.

Your voice

Feedback from the local focus groups has provided the project team with clear insight into the hopes for the future of Clandon, providing us with lots of ideas. Here are a few…

'Don’t close down ideas because they may not seem 'safe’'

'Since the fire, it feels the house and landscape are talking and there's a relationship. You can see the light coming in and it feels like the landscape is coming inside'

'Find ways to channel children without making them feel restricted'

'The view from the roof can combine the building and the landscape, a very exciting way of experiencing a building'

'As it was, it could never be anything different because it was fixed in time, but as an empty shell it has lots of potential. You need to find the balance between restoration and the future'