Maggy Stonebridge

Conservation Assistant, Clandon Park

Maggy Stonebridge - Conservation Assistant

Maggy has been associated with Clandon since 2001 and she was a Conservation Assistant before the fire. She's now a part of the processing team helping to clean objects found amongst the debris.

Elements of the State Bed rescued from Clandon Park
I initially started at Clandon in 2001, where I worked in the shop offering visitors the chance to buy classic National Trust products such as preserves and postcards. Following a short break, I returned to Clandon, ultimately as a Conservation Assistant.
As one of three Conservation Assistants at Clandon prior to the fire, we used to prepare the house for opening each day, ensuring that the rooms and the objects in the collection were clean and ready for visitors. Over the winter months when the house was closed we would embark on a deeper cleaning of each room, recording the condition of each object.  
Clandon was a wonderful example of its time in history. Not only was it designed to be impressive but it was an acknowledgement of the power and standing achieved by the Onslow family. It was an inspiring house in which to work as part of a dedicated team, all pulling together providing our visitors with an opportunity to share in the wonder, pleasure and enjoyment.
" It was an inspiring house in which to work as part of a dedicated team all pulling together attempting to give pleasure and enjoyment to our visitors."
- Maggy Stonebridge

Following the fire I’ve been back at Clandon since early 2016 working on the processing team, helping to clean items as they are discovered and removed from the debris. It’s been a privilege to be able to work on the State Bed. I have a particular interest in needlework and textiles, so it’s been fascinating to discover just how much of the material had survived including the fabulous passementerie trimmings. It was also a great joy to see the survival of the Speakers’ Parlour.
Clandon has always been a spectacular reminder of the past and now I hope that it will also be a wonderful experience for the craftsmen of the present.