The Clandon Park project: a timeline

The Marble Hall at Clandon Park

Since the night of the fire on April 29 2015 we’ve been through many extraordinary moments, both tough times and triumphs. The Clandon Park restoration project represents one of the most significant and ambitious projects the National Trust has ever embarked upon. An enormous undertaking, we now have the opportunity not only to show our respect for the heritage of the past, but also to create a new legacy for the future.  

Here you can follow a timeline of events from the early days of the project, through each major milestone, right up to the present day. We’ll continue to post developments here and update you with our progress on the journey towards our ultimate goal, welcoming visitors back to a restored, reimagined and rebuilt Clandon Park.

Latest posts

02 May 18

Opening the basement

We open Clandon's basement spaces for the very first time since the fire. Visitors have the opportunity to journey deep into the most damaged spaces at the heart of the house and explore previously unseen areas, revealing astonishing views from basement floor to scaffolding roof.

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Visitor in the basement corridor at Clandon Park, Surrey

30 Mar 18

Back into the house in 2018

We open the house to the public again, with access available to even more previously unseen spaces. With restoration and rebuild due to begin from 2019, visiting now presents a unique opportunity to see Clandon in its post-fire state, before access becomes more limited.

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Visitors on the walkway at Clandon Park

20 Mar 18

Behind the scenes in 2018

With an architect-led design team in place following 2017’s international design competition, we now embark on a year of careful planning and consultation. Project Director, Paul Cook, talks about what’s in store for 2018 at Clandon Park.

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The exterior of Clandon Park following the end of the salvage project