The Clandon Park project: a timeline

The upper level of the house underneath the scaffolding roof

Since the night of the fire on April 29 2015 we’ve been through many extraordinary moments, both tough times and triumphs. The Clandon Park project represents one of the most complex and exciting projects the National Trust has ever embarked upon. An enormous undertaking, we now have the opportunity not only to show our respect for the heritage of the past, but also to create a new legacy for the future.  

Here you can follow a timeline of events from the early days of the project, through each major milestone, right up to the present day. We’ll continue to post developments here and update you with our progress on the journey towards our ultimate goal, welcoming visitors back to a reimagined Clandon Park.

Latest updates

04 Jan 21

Project restarts

After a challenging year due to Coronavirus, our teams are able to re-start in earnest. This year, subject to planning consents and coronavirus restrictions, we will start essential repair and conservation work which was delayed in 2020.

To prepare for this we are currently undertaking detailed specialist surveys of the brick and stonework. We expect the work to begin in mid-2021 and to take at least two years. It will include careful repairs to conserve the very fine remaining brickwork and stonework throughout the house which remarkably almost entirely survived the fire.

This conservation work is essential to ensuring the house’s long-term protection and public access and must take place before we can begin future construction work.

Kent Rawlinson in the Marble Hall at Clandon Park, Surrey

26 Oct 20

Grant awarded to research digital reconstruction

A team of researchers from the UK and Ireland, including colleagues from the Clandon Park project, have been awarded grant funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to explore how cutting-edge digital technology can be used to help give visitors a deeper insight into our historic buildings and the craft skills that lie hidden beneath their surfaces.

More on the digital research

Marble Hall ceiling at Clandon Park before the fire

02 Aug 20

The gardens open for the local community

As soon as we are able, we open the garden up again, as a green space for our local community to use and enjoy.

The meadow in summer at Clandon Park, Surrey