The salvage phase at Clandon Park

At the end of July 2016, following just over a year of work, we completed the initial phase of our project. Our archaeological salvage work has produced remarkable finds including objects that survived the fire miraculously preserved. Learn more from our project team about each of these objects, their individual disciplines and the unique challenges they faced in their specialist roles.

Archaeologists at work at Clandon Park
Rooms cleared of debris
Video still taken from the 360 video footage inside Clandon Park

Clandon Park one year on, a 360° tour 

Taken a year on from the fire, this 360° video gives you an immersive view of our ongoing salvage operation and the progress we’ve made. It begins with our conservators working on the State Bed in the Marble Hall, continuing into the other cleared rooms seen here for the first time.

The Marble Hall

Found objects
Project innovations
More from the team