February Fun on the Clent Hills

Children at Clent Hills

February half term will see the launch of our new navigation workshops at Clent, an opportunity to learn navigation skills and explore the Hills.

Introduction to Navigation Workshops - Tuesday 18th & Thursday 20th February.

Join our family workshop to learn navigation skills and techniques, teaching the core skills involved to safely enjoy and navigate the Countryside. Learn the basic skills needed to navigate yourself around the numerous paths and tracks of the Clent Hills with the use of just a map and a compass.

Children will need to be 8 years and over to paricipate in the workshop, all children under 16 will need adult supervision. Workshops will run from 11am-1pm and tickets are £5 per child (no charge for adults attending with their children) Book your place here

February Half Term Trails - Saturday 15th - Sunday 23rd February.

Visit during the half-term and pick up our family trail from the Welcome Point, near the cafe at Nimmings Wood car park. Follow the route up to the top of Clent and practice navigating the Hills.

The cost is £2 per trail including a prize, so don't forget to come back to the Welcome Point before you go home to claim your reward!.

The car park is open and manned every day over half term from 9am to 4pm, Saturday 15th February to Sunday 23rd February 2020. Trails can be purchased from 9am - 3pm. 


Help us keep the Hills clean!

Collecting up the litter left on Clent is the biggest job we have to do and takes a lot of time, but it is important not only to keep the Hills looking nice but also to stop pollution and any harm coming to wildlife.

If you would like to help look after the Hills, our litter-picking station will be out every day in the half term. You can borrow a litter-picker and take a bin-bag with you as you walk, collecting any rubbish you can (safely) reach as you go.

Thank you!

Clent Hills is an entirely outdoor site so don't forget to come dressed for the weather!