Get Geocaching

three children in countryside using a gps unit to hunt for a geocache

Geocaching is a hi-tech treasure hunt that is a great way to get the family out and explore the countryside. It makes walks more exciting and is a big hit with older children - and quite a lot grown ups.

Caches are small boxes that people have hidden all over the place. We have lots on the Clent Hills but they can be found anywhere, there is even one on the International Space Station. To find them you can use a gps unit or download an app which will use a compass to help you navigate towards the area where the cache is hidden. Once you are within a few metres of the cache it is down to you to search for it, under piles of logs, nestled within tree roots, there are lots of good hiding spots.

Each cache contains a log book that everyone who finds the cache writes in to say that they have found it and to leave messages for other people who might come across it. The caches also contain lots of small trinkets, the kind of thing you might find in a Christmas cracker, geocachers swap these, so if you want to take one from any caches that you find come prepared with trinkets of your own to swap them with.

Geocaching is a different and fun way to explore the outdoors with a group of friends or family. The hi-tech nature of it appeals to older children, particularly those who have outgrown a lot of the family trails that we traditionally put on.

You can get geocaching anywhere by downloading an app on your phone, or if you'd like a bit of a helping hand you can come to one of our geocaching events, where you can hire a gps unit, learn how to use it and go off looking for a series of caches that the National Trust have hidden on the hills.

You can find out when the next geocaching event is by looking at the What's On section of our website.

Upcoming events

Hidden Histories Ramble

Sun 30 Sep 2018
What's the story behind the Four Stones? What lies hidden beneath your feet? Find out on this 5 mile ramble around the Clent Hills.

Autumn Colours Ramble

Wed 10 Oct 2018
See Clent Hills in all its autumn glory on a 5-mile guided ramble.

Autumn Leg-strecher Ramble

Wed 17 Oct 2018
Put yourselves to the test with a 10 mile guided walk around the Clent Hills, enjoying the autumn colours on show.

Wandering Wands Trail

Sat 27 Oct 2018
Have your own adventure this autumn with the Wandering Wands half term trail.

Broomstick Making Workshop

Sun 28 Oct 2018
Find out about the folklore of Clent and discover traditional wood-craft methods by making your very own besom broomstick to take home.

Tales around the Campfire

Sun 04 Nov 2018
Join us around the campfire for story-telling sessions with a spooky twist. Enjoy ghostly goings-on with a warming hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows.