Cotehele Quay

View of the river Tamar in autumn at Cotehele Quay, Cornwall

The historic Cotehele Quay on the River Tamar is home to the Discovery Centre and the Victorian Tamar sailing barge 'Shamrock' is resting here awaiting phase two of her conservation work. Please observe social distancing while exploring the quayside for your own and others' safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

Discover Shamrock

Shamrock is the only fully-restored ketch-rigged Tamar sailing barge in the world.She was built in Plymouth in 1899 to carry cargo on the river. She now spends her retirement on Cotehele Quay. You can read about her history and see loads of photos on her blog here.

Shamrock Tamar sailing barge in her mooring at Cotehele Quay

Conserving 'Shamrock'

'Shamrock' is a lovely old boat built in 1899 in Plymouth and now retired on Cotehele Quay. A major restoration project uncovered serious structural issues which need to be fixed to make her ship-shape again.

Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre is a small museum where you'll be able to soak up the history of Cotehele Quay, Find out if you’re a land lubber or an old sea dog, understand limekilns, ketch and smack-rigged barges and the importance of copper, tin and arsenic in the Tamar Valley. It's also where you'll find the first pixie door on the pixie door trail that leads to the mill.

Fancy a bite to eat?

Visit the licensed Edgcumbe tea-room on the quay for a light lunch, a Cornish cream tea or traditional Cornish splits. After a brisk walk, pop in to warm up by the fire with a hot drink. Your dog is welcome too.

170901 Cotehele autumn colour at the Edgcumbe tea room
Autumn colour at the Edgcumbe tea-room on Cotehele Quay, Cornwall
170901 Cotehele autumn colour at the Edgcumbe tea room
The field beside the River Tamar at Cotehele quay

Working with and for nature: creating new habitat at Cotehele quay

We're planning to develop a wildlife rich intertidal habitat in the field below the woodland path by Cotehele Quay.