Rainy day fun at Cotehele

Children splashing in the rain

Even when it’s raining there’s still lots to do at Cotehele.

Activities in the manor house

Inside the beautiful medieval manor house at Cotehele, children can pick up a free trail, '50 things to do indoors' to follow through the rooms and see how many stickers they can collect while exploring and finding out more about the house and its history.

A volunteer Room Guide chats with visitors in Cotehele House
A volunteer chats with a mother and her two daughters in the house at Cotehele, Cornwall
A volunteer Room Guide chats with visitors in Cotehele House

Also indoors

In the bookshop by the house you'll find a postcard-making activity, inspired by Cotehele's garden plants, the language of flowers and the postcards sent to soldiers fighting at the Front during the First World War. All ages are welcome to have a go!

At the quay

Down at the quay the wonderful Discovery Centre is filled with hands-on activities to help children find out about nature and the wildlife around Cotehele. In here there are lots of interesting facts about Shamrock, the barge being repaired on the quayside. If you are feeling nautical, you can have a go at tying knots in here too.

Down at the Mill

If you’re brave enough to pull on the wellies and splash in the puddles on the path by Morden Stream to the Mill you’ll be rewarded with baking demonstrations (and tastings!) most days, as well as early examples of milling technology which children (and adults) can have a go doing. It’s about a ten minute walk and there are pisky doors to spot along the way.

Baking day at Cotehele Mill
Volunteer showing children how to mix flapjacks at Cotehele Mill, Cornwall
Baking day at Cotehele Mill

Rainfall is essential at the Mill for our water wheel to turn and on Thursdays and Sundays you’ll be able to see it in action and watch the team milling Cotehele flour, which you can buy in the shop or taste in the flatbreads in the Barn Restaurant.

A rainy day? Bring it on…

Milling at Cotehele Mill
Miller Sally milling flour at Cotehele Mill, Cornwall
Milling at Cotehele Mill