Keeping safe at Crantock Beach

View from the dunes at Crantock Beach

At Crantock Beach, as with many coastal locations, there are hazards to be aware of.

Water safety

The River Gannel that runs alongside and sometimes across the beach has changed profile and continues to do so. The river also causes currents that can be dangerous, in particular at certain stages of the tide.

This is the reason why the lifeguards advise not swimming near the river flow and only when and where they designate it is safe to do so.

There have also been some reports of quicksand close to the river edge and at the far end of the beach towards West Pentire. We suggest that visitors remain vigilant especially in these two areas of beach.

When can I swim safely?

The RNLI strongly advise that visitors should only swim when lifeguards are on duty and obey the flags that are put up on the beach showing you where and when it is safe to enter the water.

Lifeguard service is in place at Crantock until 26 September 2021.

More information from the RNLI about beach safety can be found here.

Are there surf or SUP lessons?

Big Green Surf School is the only licensed provider of surf and stand up paddle-board lessons at Crantock Beach. They also offer board and wetsuit hire. Please contact them directly for all enquiries and bookings for 2021.

The dunes

The profile and shape of the dune system is ever changing, partly due to weather and stormy sea conditions. There are steep drops in places and we advise accessing the beach from the lower right corner of the National Trust car park.

There are areas of dunes where there may be fragments of sharp wire embedded in the sand, so please stay alert. If you come across any please let us know.

Weaver fish

Like at many sandy beaches weever fish can be found, particularly at low tide. We advise wearing beach or wet suit shoes if going in the sea around low tide as weever fish stings can be very painful. If stung the advice is to immerse the area affected in hot water for 30-90 minutes. More information can be found on the Cornwall Council website.