26 Feb 19

Understanding Ilam Park

Our archaeologist, Ros, commissioned a LiDAR survey of Ilam Park - LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) which is a survey method that measures distance to the ground with pulsed laser light. This was undertaken by an authorised drone, which flew high above the park. The purpose of the survey was to get an accurate 3D plan of Ilam Park, showing all the surface archaeology and natural features of the landscape, much of which can’t be seen with the naked eye. As a result we now have a clearer understanding of the historic development of Ilam. Many new features have been picked up and the team will be mapping them and using the data to produce digital 3D models. We’ll use this knowledge to help make decisions for the future development of Ilam Park, and to enhance our visitor experience.

LiDAR survey - digital mapping of Ilam Park

22 Mar 19

A brew with a view

In order to enhance the views from the Manifold Tea-room lawn, after careful planning and decisions, the Box tree underwent a prune. Our Parks and Gardens Advisor, Simon, who as an authority on both trees and landscape, advised on removing specific branches to lower the top of the tree to reveal the view, whilst keeping enough to make it still feel like a tree. This work was undertaken by a specialist tree surgeon. The cut ends of the branches will be hidden with new growth which we will keep trimmed to maintain the view.

A brew with a view towards Thorpe Cloud

25 Jun 19

Arriving at Ilam Park

One of the quirks of arriving at Ilam Park is that visitors park their car and enter from the back of Ilam Hall. This makes it tricky to find your way to the facilities and to know what you can do on your visit. In June, togged up in full waterproofs, a hardy team of 11 volunteers, brandishing loppers and hedge cutters, made a start on improving the sightlines between the car park and the visitor facilities. We’ll be getting feedback from visitors as to how these works improve their experience at Ilam Park.

Improving the sightlines for when visitors arrive at Ilam Park