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Top ‘50 things to do before you’re 11¾’ activities to do in spring

Girl in pink jacket standing under blossoming tree in orchard look up at the branches
Girl exploring the orchard at Ardress House, County Armagh | © National Trust Images/John Miller

Discover something new this spring with ‘50 things to do before you’re 11¾’. Bright stars twinkling in the night sky, spotting a certain kind of bird for the first time or using nature as your creative inspiration. There's so much to do wherever you go with '50 things' – check out our list for a few fun ideas.

No. 1 Get to know a tree
Find yourself the perfect tree and then why not scale to the top and nestle in a comfy branch to enjoy the view? If it's big enough, you can explore inside too.Check out our tree-climbing tips
No. 11 Explore on wheels
You'll find miles of cycling paths at places we look after and some places also offer cycle hire. Take a look at our top tips for a great bike ride and discover a fun way to exercise.Top tips for a great family bike ride
No. 17 Set up a snail race
Got some time on your hands this spring? Why not organise a snail race? Watch how their slimy bodies leave a glittering trail. Lettuce can help to encourage competitors across the finish line.Create the best garden snail race
Boy and girl crouched on a paved terrace, racing snails on a circle drawn with chalk
Children having a snail race at Mottisfont, Hampshire | © National Trust Images/Megan Taylor
No. 18 Create some wild art
Explore a place near you and try painting the colourful flowers that bloom. Use your paints, crayons or any other materials that you find to create your masterpiece. Have you got a lot of daffodils in your own garden? Why not find a flower press and add them to your artwork?Discover creative ideas
No. 21 Forage for wild food
Many spring walks and trails will lead you through patches of wild garlic, identified by its delicate white flowers and its pungent aroma. Find out more about wild food and what you can discover when you explore nature.Find out about wild food
No. 27 Go stargazing
On a clear night, lie flat on your back and watch the sky start to glitter with stars. The spring night sky means you don’t need to stay out too late to see the stars, so it can be a great time for families to start sharing the magic of stargazing.Read our stargazing top tips
Girl inspecting net while pond dipping
Pond dipping at Dunwich Heath and Beach, Suffolk | © National Trust Images/Trevor Ray Hart
No. 35 Discover what's in a pond
Frogspawn is amazing. You can watch it wobble like jelly in a slow moving stream. Can you see any tiny tadpoles growing under hundreds of transparent bubbles? Maybe you'll also spot some frogs in the area.Look closer at pond wildlife
No. 38 Bring up a butterfly
Help a wriggling caterpillar find its wings. Watch it emerge from its silken cocoon as a butterfly or moth before it eventually flutters over the flower heads.Create a caterpillar haven
No. 42 Go swimming in the sea
Wake up the senses by taking a refreshing dip in the sea. Feel gentle waves breaking against your back, listen to the surf and watch the sun glinting on the water. We look after lots of incredible beaches – in fact, we care for around 780 miles of coastline. Have a go at dipping your toes in the water when the sun comes out.Check out top tips for sea swimming
A mother helps a young child climb over a fallen log in the parkland, on a bright, wintry day.

‘50 things to do before you're 11¾’

Have fun exploring nature and the great outdoors with our list of ‘50 things to do before you're 11¾’.

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