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Creating space for nature and people


Creating space for nature

Here at the National Trust we’re doing everything we can to make space for nature in the countryside, thanks to your support. This short film explains why connecting with nature is so important, not only to us but for future generations of outdoor lovers.

Good news for wildlife

Joining up the coast 

When nature and wildlife can move freely between habitats, they flourish. Without this freedom, they suffer. Our coastal ambition is to join up the coastline, working with partners to make a link around the coast so wildlife can prosper.
The situation is urgent. Sixty percent of species have disappeared in recent decades and one in ten are under threat of being lost in the near future.

Looking towards Stonehenge from King Barrows Ridge

Stonehenge A303 Road Improvement Scheme

The A303 divides and blights the Stonehenge World Heritage Site - one of the most important prehistoric landscapes in Europe. We believe the proposed road improvement could provide an overall benefit to the whole World Heritage Site, providing it is located and designed with the utmost care.

Nature is in trouble

Sixty percent of species have declined over recent decades and more than one in ten are under threat of disappearing altogether.

Once common birds are now absent from our farmland. Butterfly numbers dramatically reduced. The large garden bumblebee has disappeared from Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

This is due to sweeping habitat loss, development and changes in farming. The situation is likely to get worse with climate change.

This is bad news for wildlife but also bad news for us, because our natural environment is less able to provide the many services upon which we depend: food, clean water and clean air.

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