The Lions' Bridge at Downs Banks

The Lions Bridge

In 1986 Stone Lions' Club generously donated the funds needed to put a bridge across the Downs Banks Brook.

Staff from Attingham Park in Shropshire worked with local volunteers to build what would become known as the Lions' Bridge. The bridge completed the footpath network, allowing everyone to easily cross from one side of the stream to the other.

In 2003, Stone Lions' Club renewed their relationship with Downs Banks by kindly donating a further sum to replace the bridge's railings with new ones made of locally grown oak, which was cut to size at a nearby sawmill.

They also funded new ramps onto the bridge and works to repair the eroded stream bank either side of the bridge, making it easier for people on bikes or with pushchairs to cross.

As well as being an important part of the footpath network at Downs Banks, the bridge is a favourite with children as a place to play 'pooh sticks'.

The bridge is constructed from recycled pine railway sleepers for the bridge surface and sustainably grown sessile oak for the railings.

The ramps were constructed of concrete made by mixing 40 percent recycled concrete taken from old fence posts removed from the boundary of Downs Banks itself.