Explorer Trail, Comer Woods

Walking trail

Explore Dudmaston's woodland at your own pace. Pass by ancient trees and an expansive meadow, home to the UK’s northern most population of the White Admiral Butterfly.

Dudmaston comer woods entrance


dudmaston comer woods explorer trail map


Comer Woods Car park


Keep the car park on your right as you walk up the red gravel path.

Comer Woods Dudmaston car park


Head left across the meadow keeping the barns on your right.

Dudmaston comer woods barns


Follow the path out of the meadow. You'll start to incline gently up towards Sandyburry lane.

Dudmaston Comer Woods Explorer trail out of meadow


Once you reach the gate on Sandybury Lane follow the hairpin bend round to the right.

Dudmaston Comer Woods gate Sandyberry lane


Carry on straight through the Scout Camp clearing. This halfway point is a great place to pause for a rest or a picnic.

Dudmaston Comer Woods Explorer trail Scout camp


Keep left and head up the hill. Don't take the path downhill to your right.

Dudmaston comer woods step 7


At Fiveways head left into the trees. Don't take the path into the field through the metal gate.

Dudmaston Comer Woods Explorer Fiveways


Turn right and follow the red gravel path straight ahead into the clearing.

Dudmaston Comer Woods step 9


At the top of the Coronation turn right if you're on foot and straight on if you're on a bike.

Dudmaston comer woods explorer step 10


Cyclists only - turn immediately right onto the red gravel as it weaves downhill towards the car park.

Dudmaston comer woods step 11


Head round to the right and back into the bottom of the car park.

Dudmaston comer woods explorer trail last step


Comer Woods Car park

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Explorer Trail, Comer Woods

How to get here

Comer Woods car park. Access off the A442 between Dudmaston's main entrance and Bridgnorth.
By road


Explorer Trail, Comer Woods

Facilities and access

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