Dyrham Park in Sanditon

A view of Dyrham Park set in parkland

Adapted from Jane Austen's final and unfinished novel, ITV's eight-part drama Sanditon charted the story of the spirited Charlotte Heywood. Dyrham Park was used as a location for the filming, first aired in August 2019 on ITV.

Sanditon was Jane Austen’s final and unfinished novel, written only months before Austen’s death in 1817. Adapted for TV by acclaimed screenwriter Andrew Davies and produced by Red Planet Pictures, the tale follows Charlotte as a chance accident transports her from her quiet rural hometown of Willingden to bustling Sanditon – a coastal town with ambitions to become a fashionable seaside resort. 

Here Charlotte finds herself thrown into a world of secrets, complex social structures and hidden agendas, not to mention her spiky relationship with the charming but wild Sidney Parker.

Dyrham Park as Sanditon House

Dyrham Park was used as a location for the drama, with the cast and crew spending several days filming around the house and parkland. The exterior of the 17th century mansion starred as Sanditon House, home to the miserly Lady Denham, upon whose fortune the town’s grand aspirations depend. 

Filming also took place out in the park and in the courtyard behind the Greenhouse, which was transformed with carriages, braziers and a green screen to play one of Sanditon’s streets by night.

Rose Williams, who plays Charlotte said: 'When you’re filming at gorgeous locations like Dyrham, it really helps you to get in character. When I first saw the mansion we were up on the hill doing a scene, and I looked down and it immediately felt like I was looking at ‘Sanditon House’. It really set the tone and made me feel grounded in the place.'

Supporting special places

Sharon Hale, Retail and Business Manager at Dyrham Park, said: 'It was really exciting to have Sanditon filming at Dyrham. Once the crew had dressed the set and the cast were in their costumes, it’s very easy to imagine that you were back in the Regency era – especially with the magnificent backdrop of the house. 

'As well as sharing the beauty of the house and parkland on screen, the filming also provides direct benefits to Dyrham - because the income from the location fees goes straight back into caring for this special place. We're working on ambitious plans transform the house and garden and funding like this has an important role to play.'


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