East Soar

A coastline of dramatic cliffs, open farmland and hidden sandy coves


East Soar Ranger Run, South Devon 

A breathtaking circular route that dips and climbs along the rugged cliffs where 'Dartmoor meets the sea'.

East Soar

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Tree planting at South Down Farm this half term

Fri 21 Feb 2020
How often do you get to do something which will last for 100's of years? Come and help the Rangers plant some trees in areas around South Down Farm.

Big day out on the farm

Sun 19 Apr 2020
Meet the animals, explore East Soar's ponds and meadows and go on a hunt for bugs are just some of the activities planned for the Big day out on the farm.

Guided Glow worm walk

Fri 03 Jul 2020
Light up your evening with a guided walk on the search for some glow worms.

South Down Farm - guided walk

Thu 09 Jul 2020
Join the Rangers to explore the plants, birds, insects and other wildlife around South Down Farm.
East Soar

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East Soar

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Living Off The Land : The changing face of farming in the South Devon AONB

A film created by the AONB after completing a project looking at what it means to live, work and grow up on a farm in South Devon. There are 359 agricultural holdings covering just over 25,000 hectares of land.

East Soar


Panoramic view over the Salcombe estuary towards Rickham Common and Portlemouth Down, Devon

Honouring 100 years since Salcombe’s Lifeboat Disaster 

In 1916, a lifeboat capsized and claimed the lives of 13 crew in a devastating tragedy. A century later, Salcombe remembers the lost rescuers.