Elizabethan House Museum

Boy dressed in costume at Elizabethan House Museum
Elizabethan House Museum

Things to see and do 

Conspiracy display at Elizabethan House

Check out our collection 

Antique furniture dating as far back as the 1500s, an impressive art collection on display around the house, and more everyday items - discover the riches in store in the museum’s collection.

Elizabethan House Museum


Pigs head on a table in the dining room

History highlights 

With strong connections to Oliver Cromwell, the museum has many interesting tales to tell, and we’ve got engaging ways to help you look into its past, with options to delve deeper.

Elizabethan House Museum

Get involved

Volunteer showing one of our visitors kitchen items

Join our team 

Get more involved with our work here. We’ve got lots of opportunities at the museum to suit everyone, including showing visitors around, or carrying out research, restoration and gardening.

Elizabethan House Museum


Three children dressed in costume

Lots to learn 

Up the entertainment element of an educational visit to the museum. We’ve got fun ways to help your group to acquire knowledge, like interacting with costumed characters or role-playing.

Elizabethan House Museum