Farne Islands

National Nature Reserve home to an internationally important breeding colony of thousands of seabirds and Grey seals.

Farne Islands

Things to see and do

Kittwakes and guillemots on the Farne Islands

Tackling bird flu on the Farne Islands 

Bird flu is pushing our seabirds towards crisis

A small guillemot chick sits on the cliffs of the farnes, a circular ball of fluff, with a white tummy and dark grey back and head.

"Wildlife tragedy" as bird flu devastates important island colony 

A bird flu outbreak on one of the UK’s most important habitats, which could potentially kill tens of thousands of seabirds, has been branded an “unprecedented wildlife tragedy”.

A puffin on the Farne Islands in Northumberland

Protecting our seabirds: Farne Islands closure due to bird flu 

We have taken the decision to close the Farne Islands to visitors from Sunday 3 July to help to protect our vulnerable seabird colonies during the outbreak of Avian Flu.

Visitors on a boat off the Farne Islands

Booking your sail around trip 

Experience the wildlife and beauty of the islands on a sail - around tour.

Boy playing on the Northumberland Coast, Northumberland.

Summer on the Northumberland coast 

There's lots to do on the Northumberland coast this summer

Visitors in the forest at Cragside, Northumberland

Inland from the Northumberland Coast 

Ros Castle and St Cuthbert's Cave are great places for walking, for views and for soaking in the ancient history of this landscape.

Farne Islands


Guillemots with an egg on the Farne Islands

Breeding birds report 2021 

Ranger Tom Hendry writes about the fortunes of the Farne Islands seabird colony in 2021.

Grey seals on the Farne Islands, Northumberland

Ten facts about the Farne Islands' seals 

The Farne Islands are home to thousands of grey seals, and each autumn hundreds of pups are born here. Here are ten facts about seals on the Farnes.

Farne Islands

Our work

Four National Trust rangers counting guillemots on the Farne Islands

Our work on the Farne Islands 

Maintenance work to the boardwalks needs to be done regularly as well as painting and redecorating the Chapel and Tower. Our status as a Marine Reserve and Site of Special Scientific Interest mean we've other important work to do too.

Aerial view of seals and pups on the Farne Islands

Cutting edge technology for annual seal pup count 

Thermal imagery from a drone will be used for the first time by rangers on the Farne Islands off the coast of Northumberland to help verify seal pup numbers at one of the largest grey seal pup colonies in England.

Farne Islands


The stained glass window in St Cuthbert's Chapel on the Farne Islands

Discover our history 

St Cuthbert spent over 10 years living as a hermit on Inner Farne, monks, lighthouse keepers, soldiers and even shipwrecked sailors also called this island home.

Farne Islands

Eating and shopping

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Shopping in Seahouses or on Holy Island

A trip to the Northumberland Coast is always pretty amazing, so don't forget to pick up a souvenir of your visit, or something special for the home or garden, at our shops in Seahouses and on Holy Island.

Farne Islands

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