10 things you won’t experience as a National Trust member

Becoming a National Trust member opens the door to hundreds of special places. But, just as importantly, it lets you wave farewell to some of life’s little nuisances. So get ready to consign these ten common bugbears to the history books:

1. The huff of boredom

With National Trust membership, you could visit a new place every day of the year and still only experience a fraction of the things there are to see and do. So you never have to hear that dreaded sigh of “I’m bored” again.
Phew factor: 9 / 10

2. Feeling a long way from home

Wherever your travels take you, our new app for smartphones and tablets lets you discover all the places nearby. Which means you’ll always be sure of a warm welcome, no matter how far from home you roam.
Phew factor: 6 / 10


3. Awkward silences at parties

Whether you use your membership to discover incredible stories about the past, explore the great outdoors, or simply relax in beautiful settings, it’s a great way to fill your mind with stories. This means you’ll never be stuck for icebreakers and anecdotes.
Phew factor: 7 / 10

4. Pangs of hunger

Our cafés, restaurants, tearooms and eateries serve up home-cooked food, lovingly made from local ingredients wherever we can. As a member you can pop in and enjoy a tasty bite in stunning surroundings whenever you like – even if you’re just passing through, or don’t have time to see the rest of the property.
Phew factor 6 / 10

5. Creative block

From art exhibitions and workshops to live music and open-air theatre, we host cultural events at dozens of places around the country. So you’ll never be short of ways to get your creative juices flowing.
Phew factor 7 / 10

6. Gym-related guilt

When it comes to staying fit and healthy, lots of us wish we had a bit more oomph. Thankfully, with acre upon acre of beautiful countryside and coastline to explore and regular sporting events, being active can quickly become second nature.
Phew factor 8 / 10

7. The what-to-get-them conundrum

A Mother’s Day treat, a romantic Valentine’s surprise, a fairy tale Christmas… whatever the occasion, National Trust membership  makes a perfect present, which means no traipsing around the stores looking for inspiration.
Phew factor 7 / 10

8. Parking tickets

With free parking at hundreds of National Trust car parks across the country, you won’t have to waste a second rummaging around your car looking for change. You can also enjoy your day – and stay as long as you like – without worrying about your ticket running out.
Phew factor 9 / 10

9. Bad ideas

Ok, so maybe membership won’t stop all bad ideas in their tracks. But between them our website, members’ handbook and mobile app provide inspiration and details of new events, activities and seasonal suggestions. So you’ll always have lots of fantastic ideas at your fingertips as well.
Phew factor 8 / 10

10. Seeing your favourite places disappear

By joining the National Trust, you’ll help us look after special places for ever, for everyone. As a conservation charity, we rely on income from memberships to protect these places for generations to come.
Phew factor 10 / 10