Annual General Meeting

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Your Annual General Meeting will take place at 10am on 30 October 2021 at the Harrogate Convention Centre. We look forward to welcoming you to discuss a wide range of topics.

Look out for your AGM booklet which accompanies the autumn edition of the National Trust Magazine and is available to read or download below.

Before the AGM you can read our 2020/21 Annual Report and Financial Statements, find out about the resolutions and election candidates, and cast your vote.

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Annual report 2020/21 

Read the 2020/21 Annual Report and Financial Statements.

Watch the live webcast online

If you can’t join us in person you can watch the event online.  The AGM will be broadcast here on 30 October.

Volunteer guide with visitors

Contact us 

If you have a query about the AGM please contact our AGM team. If you are putting forward a question for the meeting, please provide your full name and membership number, and keep your question within 50 words.