Art in South West gardens

Apples on a tree and hand sculpture in Mother Orchard at Cotehele, Cornwall

There are many beautiful gardens in the South West. Some have an added element and in addition to their gorgeous surroundings host some impressive art including willow sculptures, modern art, metal work and more.

Modern art

Some of the varied gardens in the South West are enhanced further by contemporary and modern art.
Sir John Carew Pole gave Antony to us with an endowment for its upkeep. By mutual agreement he continued to live in the house, succeeded by his son, Sir Richard, with his wife Lady Mary. At Antony the Carew Poles have commissioned contemporary art that you can discover as you explore the garden. One example is the 'Hypercone' by Simon Thomas of Bristol, tucked away into the Clematis Garden.

Willow sculptures

Willow sculptures are found in several gardens including Barringon Court in the South West, and tie in with their natural surroundings.
One example of this is The Shire Horse and Seeker. This piece is a pair of willow sculptures added to the Mother Orchard at Cotehele around 2006. Living willow was planted to weave into the non-living willow sculpture by Kim Creswell. The Mother Orchard was planted to produce stock or 'mother' trees for grafting material. 
Barrington Court
Barrington Court

Made of metal

The grounds of Buckland Abbey are home to three wire sculptures of sheep. They're a reminder of the flocks farmed by the Cistercian monks at the abbey. You can see other metal sculptures on a wander around the grounds or on an estate walk.
Tintinhull Garden is also home to metal sculpture, this time of a ship which is found on top of a metalwork globe.
Buckland Abbey
Buckland Abbey


Our gardens are home to many elegant classical sculptures. One example is a centurion statue demonstrating Roman dominance over the unruly locals, found nestled in the grounds of Barrington Court.
At Kingston Lacy look for the angel on one of a pair of bronze vases. Decorated with cupid handles this pair of vases was brought in 1841 from Versailles. You can see them on the terrace in the garden.
Kingston Lacy
Kingston Lacy

For animal lovers

Animals feature quite heavily in gardens, including a dog statue at the end of the Yew Walk at The Courts Garden and a bull sculpture in the courtyard at Buckland Abbey.
At Kingston Lacy you'll find one of a pair of Ross Veronese lions commissioned from Giuseppe Petrelli of Padua, it looks much more modern than its date of 1848 would suggest.
The Courts, Wiltshire
The Courts