Bothies and bunkhouses

Henman Bunkhouse at Leith Hill, Surrey

We've got bothies and bunkhouses in spectacular locations. Choose a bunkhouse if you're more of a creature of comfort and you value simple, self-catering accommodation; choose a bothy if you really don't mind getting away from it all - there's usually no electricity and water comes from handpumps.

Bunk up with us

We have 31 bunkhouses that provide simple self-catering accommodation, primarily for groups of volunteers who take part in practical conservation work for us.

Bunkhouses are also available for use by recreational, educational, corporate and other groups who want to take a break within easy reach of national parks, beautiful countryside, unspoilt coastlines, or landscape parks in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

All bunkhouses have adequate cooking facilities, dormitories with bunk-beds, lounge area and modern sanitation. Most have fully equipped kitchens, showers, electricity and heating. Many also have a separate leaders' room, payphone, washing machine and adjacent parking. First aid and fire alert facilities are always provided.


We also have bothies, which offer basic accommodation - often in isolated locations - and are the perfect escape for those who really want to escape from modern life.

Bothies are only suitable if you find the idea of no electricity or heating, sleeping platforms without mattresses, water from hand-pumps, gas lighting and camp-fire cooking miles from anywhere.

How much does it cost to use a bunkhouse or bothy?

Charges vary according to the type of accommodation, the type of group and the time of year. Free accommodation is usually offered to groups undertaking full-time conservation work for us.

Gable end view of stone building with valley view in background

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