Capturing the coast on camera

Josh Day's photograph of the coast

Our coastline is constantly changing. The National Trust has over 780 miles of coastline in its care and a large number of dedicated people working hard to preserve and protect it.

One of these, Joshua Day a ranger based in Woolacombe on the North Devon coast, is part of a team of five protecting the 13 miles of coastline between Ilfracombe Torrs and Baggy Point.

'As a ranger I get the opportunity to make a difference to the quality of our habitats and coastline. No two days are the same, which keeps me on my toes.'

Josh is also passionate about photographing and sharing the wonderful places he looks after. By helping people to appreciate the beauty and fragility of our coast, they are more likely to respect and protect it ensuring it is around for future generations to enjoy.

'I'm passionate about using my photographs to share the beautiful places I look after and inspire others to lose themselves in their surroundings... even if it's just for a second.'

For his latest photography project to capture the North Devon coastline where he works, our partner Panasonic gave him one of their latest cameras, the Lumix FZ1000 to try out. The FZ1000 allows Josh to select the exact moment he wants to share from all the 4K video he has filmed.

'This is a special camera. The zoom is fantastic and means I rarely miss a moment. The flip-out screen is great in awkward locations and the 4K video quality is brilliant, allowing me to take good quality stills from reams of footage so I can find the precise moment I want to share and produce a still photograph. The 4K video images are four times more detailed than High Definition ones.'