Chestnut fencing

Veteran sweet chestnut tree at Fyne Court

During the summer we'll be renewing the fence-line between the courtyard and the meadow towards five ponds wood. We'll be using traditional techniques and wood felled from the estate.

Over the course of the summer, a length of fence line adjacent to the Fyne Court courtyard is due to be reinstated. Replacing this fence will allow us to make access into the courtyard from the purple trail easier, following a flatter route across the fields.

The fence line will be reinstated by staff and volunteers working in partnership with a green woodworker, using a traditional cleft chestnut design. The fence will give a more rustic, historic feel to the view down the valley, and also allow our staff and volunteers to learn new, traditional skills, helping to keep these dying crafts alive.

An additional benefit comes from the fact that the fence will be made from timber grown on site at Fyne Court. Felling the sweet chestnut trees to provide the timber does not kill them, and the stumps will regrow, slowly establishing an area of sweet chestnut coppice, allowing for more sustainable management of our woodland for a greater range of species.

Why not pop by during the summer to discover all about this traditional craft? Work commences in July.