Some of our members' favourite places

What’s your favourite place in the UK? Not long ago, we asked some of our members that same question. The response showed just how much many of you care about the places we look after. As well as being part of the UK’s heritage, a habitat for wildlife and an area of natural beauty, the places we look after also hold strong emotional memories for many people. Read some of our members’ stories:

1.    Polesden Lacey  

Children playing at Polesden Lacey
Three children running up a hill
" Our favourite moment was last month at Polesden Lacey, taking a stroll through the bluebell woods. My son has special needs and that day was the first time he had ever walked outdoors! He's very cautious and wobbly on uneven ground, but I think the bright colours kept him focused!"
- Hannah Leber

2.    Treleddyd Fawr  

Treleddyd Fawr Cottage is nestled in the Pembrokeshire countryside
Exterior view of Treledydd Fawr Cottage
" One of the most recent successes for me is the complete renovation of Treleddyd Fawr. I did shed a tear when I saw it freshly painted, because I loved this cottage before it was renovated! Roll on my next visit to Pembrokeshire… can't wait! "
- Joan Rutherford

3.    Wembury

A family at Wembury Beach, Devon
Family rockpooling at Wembury Beach
" Wembury is particularly special to me, as my dad's ashes were scattered in the sea off the Great Mewstone and it makes me very happy to think that the area is well looked after by the National Trust. It's also extremely beautiful - the walk from Wembury Beach to Newton Ferrers and Noss Mayo, along the coast, is stunning. I also have many fond memories as a child of going to National Trust rockpooling events and learning about the diverse marine life in the area."
- Izy Jude

4.    Bodiam Castle

A child exploring the history at Bodiam Castle
A child with a mail hood and wooden sword at Bodiam Castle gate
" We joined the National Trust when our boys were tiny, during our first trip to Bodiam Castle. We were having such a great day and the kids were so happy that it felt like the right thing to do. Fast forward nine years or so and our boys are now 16, 12 and 10. We still use our National Trust membership for days out, especially when on holiday. Our favourite place will always be Bodiam Castle, but we've had some wonderful days out all over the UK. Friends and family have since joined too, so they can join in the fun."
- Megan and Graham Loveless

5.    Brimham Rocks

Children having fun at Brimham Rocks.
Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire.
" Our favourite place to visit has to be Brimham Rocks, at any time of the year, the park is simply beautiful. Our two dogs always come too, but sadly we lost one not so long ago. Returning there brings back lovely memories of our beloved whippet, Milo. He loved climbing up the rocks after my husband, Mark, and children, Ellis and Emily. Brimham is a place we'll return to every season and always discover a rock still to climb."
- Cheryl Hutton