Go running in the Midlands

Visitor running through the woods

Taking part in a new outdoor activity, such as running, walking or cycling, can be just the thing to boost your energy levels and put a spring in your step. As well as potentially making you fitter and healthier, it can be lots of fun. And it’s a great way to meet new people too.

At National Trust places across the Midlands there are endless opportunities to get out in the open and enjoy beautiful and varied landscapes.  From the rugged outcrops of the Peak District to the more formal landscaped ‘Capability Brown’ parkland of Croome in Worcestershire, the Midlands has so much to offer.

Put on your running shoes and explore our grounds
Visitors running in the grounds at a National Trust site

Running has risen in popularity in recent years.  However trudging round the same well-trodden routes can start to detract from the enjoyment and become demotivating. That’s why the ever-changing flora and fauna in the gardens, woodland and parkland in our care can make all the difference and transform any gentle jog or pacey run into an exhilarating experience.

Running through Attingham Park
Man running along open parkland at Attingham Park

Kathryn Akers, National Trust Environmental Practices Adviser, based at Attingham Park in Shropshire shared her experiences “I’ve been running for three years but starting to run at Attingham Park completely changed my attitude. Previously, I’d pound the streets local to home and never found it particularly inspiring, so when a friend suggested running round the Attingham Estate I thought ‘why not?’ Now running feels like a mini adventure.  I can vary the terrain and distance depending on how I feel and each time we go out there is something new to see - whether it’s the squirrels scurrying around the woodland floor or the deer herd peacefully grazing in the longer grass. It has definitely kept me more motivated too and I look forward to spending time outdoors to get a breath of fresh air.”

" ...running feels like a mini adventure. I can vary the terrain and distance depending on how I feel and each time we go out there is something new to see..."
- Kathryn Akers - Environmental Practices Adviser

Whichever activity you decide to try, there’s the option to go it alone and enjoy the peace and solitude, or join a group of like-minded individuals and share your experiences together.  Many of our properties play host to local running, cycling and walking clubs. And if you fancy something different, then check out our NightRun events in partnership with Cotswold Outdoor. Put on your head torch and be guided by the bobbing lights as you explore the gardens and ancient woodlands after dark!

Attingham Park Night Run
Night runners at Attingham Park