Help with your membership payments due to coronavirus

Enkianthus flower in spring at Hill Top

These are unprecedented times, and as a charity we must balance our need for funds for conservation work with our responsibility towards you – our valued members.

Right now, we know that some of you are worried about your finances. There are ways that we can help.

If you feel you’re able to continue with your full membership payment for the moment, thank you. This will help us to carry on with important conservation work at a time when other essential sources of income aren’t available.

What help are you offering for membership payments?

This depends on how you pay for your membership.

  • For those who pay monthly by Direct Debit, we're offering a payment break of three months. 
  • If you pay for membership annually, either by credit card or Direct Debit, we're offering a 25 per cent discount on your renewal.
  • If you'd like to take up either option, you can apply using the form below.

Please note that these are only available for a limited period. To process your request, we must receive your application before the dates listed in the terms and conditions below.

If you are making this request at the beginning of the month, and you pay by monthly Direct Debit, your next payment might have already been scheduled and so the request might take effect after your next payment.