Keeping our working gardens growing

A gardner pushing a wheelbarrow in the Walled Garden at Attingham Park

We're lucky to have so many wonderful gardens in our care here in the midlands. Each has its own individual needs, from day to day maintenance to larger restoration and conservation projects. We have a huge team of staff, volunteers and experts who work hard to future proof these amazing places. These gardens are just as much a part of our history and heritage as the buildings that accompany them in many cases.

When you think of gardens the first thing that springs to mind is vibrant flowers and the sweet smell of blossom. Although they no doubt have their place we must not forget the importance of the gardens that once fuelled estates and communities. The walled gardens and glasshouses that once produced fruit, vegetables and flowers all year round. Although it's a never evending maintenance task we're working hard to resurrect these amazing gardens with a number of ongoing restoration and conservation projects.

A valued resource once again

Kitchen gardens were once essential providers for the estates and communities they served. Sadly many have long since been abandoned, a once valued resource that we're hoping we can resurrect. So not only will it bring these spaces back to life and demonstrate their historic purpose but also provide seasonal produce that our tea-rooms can utilise.

Restoring fragile features

Caring for kitchen gardens

A birds eye view of the new design layout of the walled garden

The Berrington Garden Project

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