Lindsey Cole

Lindsey swimming in the River Thames wearing a mermaid suit

Lindsey’s adventures to date include swimming 120 miles along the River Thames in a mermaid suit while collecting plastic waste, cycling the length of Africa, rollerskating to Paris (not to mention Bude, in a nude suit) and running to Manchester while playing the ukulele, but her biggest challenge was 10 years in the making, and began with a seed of inspiration sewn during a time of personal heartbreak.

When Lindsey’s dad suddenly died whilst she was backpacking in Australia, she found solace in the characters from a book she had recently read, Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence, which recounts an extraordinary journey made by three Aboriginal girls who had been cruelly separated from their families. Their courage, resilience and determination helped her overcome her grief and put life into perspective.

To channel her emotions she cycled to Paris, the first of a series of expeditions that became her medicine. Ten years after first being inspired by the young indigenous girls’ story, Lindsey returned to Australia to pay homage to their journey by walking 1000 miles through the outback alone. She is currently writing a book, has recently become a massive cold-water swimming fan and is an advocate of people with ADHD. 

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