Managing the trees

Tree felling - vital but necessary work

It's important we manage the woods and trees so they stay healthy and strong. Our aim is to keep the trees alive for as long as possible.

Although some trees can look healthy they can often hide problems. To detect issues at an early stage, the rangers undertake regular tree health surveys. This helps to determine their health and whether any action needs to be taken. 

Felling and thinning

It may seem extreme to fell what looks like a healthy tree or branch. The decision is based on a number of factors including visitor safety, woodland structure enhancement and habitat improvement.

In some cases we need to thin small areas where there has been extensive squirrel damage causing the trees to become weak or where there is fungal disease. 

Tree felling is vital to the health of the woods
Tree felling is vital to the health of the woods
Tree felling is vital to the health of the woods

Tree surgery

Some of the larger trees are climbed and worked on by specialist tree surgeons. They're able to reduce the crown of the tree by removing the worst affected branches. This reduces the need for the whole tree to be cut down.

" The aim is to maintain the overall look of the woods by subtly taking out those that are of concern as well as the smaller self-sown trees that make the woods feel congested. "
- Tim Jenkins, Area Ranger

When the trees come back into leaf in the spring, it's diffcult to spot the work that's taken place over the winter.