National Trust Podcast: series five

Codger's Fort on the estate at Wallington, Northumberland

Listen to series five of the National Trust Podcast – full of art, history and adventure. We'll travel the world with plant hunters, uncover a secret WWII map-making operation, meet a family of beavers and much more.

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Project Manager Ben Eardley and presenter Kate Martin beside the dam at Holnicote

Dam Engineers

Join us for a trip to the Holnicote Estate on Exmoor, where our area rangers have sought the help of a rather mischievous workforce to combat the effects of climate change.

Episode 96: Dam Engineers

Fresh green plants at Ashridge Estate, Hertfordshire

Wellbeing walks

Try to think of the most idyllic woodland your mind can imagine: the dappled sunlight, chirping birds and babbling brooks. What if you could visit this paradise, without ever leaving your home? Well imagine no more – welcome to wellbeing walks.

Episode 95: Wellbeing walks

The elephant automaton at Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire

Special episode: 125 Treasures 

In this episode we join actress Alison Steadman as she explores some of the most intriguing objects in the National Trust’s collections. 125 Treasures is our new five-part podcast miniseries, and you can listen to all of the episodes by visiting the 125 Treasures podcast series page.

Episode 94: Introducing 125 Treasures

Operation Hillside staff at work during the Second World War

Operation Hillside

While the stories of our houses are well-researched, now and again we discover new aspects to a place we thought we knew. This was the case at Hughenden Manor, where a volunteer happened to stumble across a fascinating secret from the past.

Episode 93: Operation Hillside

Black and white photo of Anthony Denney sitting in a tea cup.

The Dior of Décor

Discover the life of designer Anthony Denney: former resident of Rainham Hall in London. His is a name you’ve probably never heard, but one that’s likely influenced the clothes you wear, how you decorate your home and even the food you eat.

Episode 92: The Dior of Décor