New Year Raffle 2020 winners

Two visitors stroll between 100 year old apple trees in the Formal Garden at Powis Castle, Powys, Wales.

Our New Year Raffle had a wonderful variety of prizes on offer, including five top prizes of £2,000, two second prizes of £500, five third prizes of £100, a fourth prize of £250 National Trust Gift Card, plus ten runner up prizes of a National Trust £25 gift card.

First prize

Five £2,000 winners: 
Mr F 0345265 (Lancashire)
Mr L 0843605 (Staffordshire)
Mr M 0586436 (Middlesex)
Mr B 0668576 (Hampshire)
Ms E 0763282 (Hertfordshire) 

Second prize 

Two £500 winners: 
Mr H 0458003 (Cornwall)
Mr S 0771347 (Cheshire)

Third prize 

Five £100 winners:
Mr P 0634934 (Hertfordshire)
Mr H 0523629 (Surrey)
Mrs W 0108216 (Devon)
Mrs P 0172511 (Wiltshire) 
Mr S 0533136 (Derbyshire)

Fourth prize 

One £250 gift card: 
Dr H 0457869 (Cornwall) 

Runner up prizes 

Ten £25 gift card: 
Mrs C 0366684 (Plymouth)
Mr T 0107855 (Devon) 
Mr R 0612598 (York)
Mrs P 0717487 (Essex) 
Mr B 0265834 (Solihull) 
Mr B 0604937 (Hertfordshire) 
Mrs C 0020292 (Surrey)
Mr L 0428641 (Worthing) 
Mr H 0732957 (Huddersfield) 
Mrs M 0676637 (Bedfordshire) 

A couple enjoying a walk at Speke Hall

New Year Raffle 2020 terms and conditions 

Previous players of our seasonal raffles are now able to buy tickets for our New Year Raffle 2020, including five top prizes of £2,000. The raffle has now closed and the winners will be announced soon.

A frosty morning at Bateman's, Burwash, East Sussex


Our raffles generate funds that are hugely important in enabling us to continue vital conservation and repair work. From replanting gardens, to refurnishing and decorating rooms, we couldn't do it without you.