Discover Porthor

A view of the bay Porthor, Llyn Peninsula, Wales

Our coastline isn’t just beautiful, it’s fun. Whether surfing, bodyboarding or kayaking, you’ll love getting active in the water at Porthor.

Known for its famous ‘Whistling Sands’, this secluded gem of a beach is one of our most perfect beaches in Wales. You cannot help but be captivated by its beauty. Explore a great family beach and enjoy a great place to relax.

Whistling sands

The English name for Porthor,’Whistling Sands’, is derived from the squeak or whistle emitted by the peculiar shaped sand particles being rubbed together when walked on in warm weather. The sound can be made by stamping or sliding the feet on dry sand.

Surf’s up

The break here can be ideal for surfing and bodyboarding in the right conditions. The largest swells usually occur at Porth Neigwl (or Hells Mouth) but when Porth Neigwl is washed out with onshore winds, Porthor can provide some tantalising, sheltered surf.

For the lucky few, you’ll find tubular, barrelling waves, great for bodyboarding but care must be taken as there are one or two rocks around under the water.

Find the perfect waves for all surfing abilities
Child bodyboarding in Llyn Peninsula, Gwynedd
Find the perfect waves for all surfing abilities


Discover great wildlife around the beach. Seals are a common sight off the coastline, especially if you’re bodyboarding in the water.

You may even be lucky enough to see dolphins. The area around the beach is a stronghold for the Chough with Razorbills, Guillemots, Kittiwakes, Cormorants, Shags and Yellowhammers.

Busy port

Porthor used to be a busy port, importing lime and coal and exporting farm produce like butter, cheese, eggs and poultry. Now, the beach only gets busy in summer when the cries of the gulls are mixed with the sounds of people enjoying themselves.


Much work has been carried out on the surrounding fields, restoring a traditional feature called the ‘cloddiau’. These stone-faced earth banks provide a corridor for wildlife to move around the area, without being disturbed by humans.

Don’t miss

  1. The squeaking sand as you walk along the beach
  2. The lime kiln on the coastal path on the north side of the beach
  3. The wildlife adventure pack, available from the cabin during the spring and summer
  4. Relaxing on a beautiful, family-friendly beach
  5. Great surf in the right conditions