Staying safe at our places

Walking the coast in Northumberland

Enjoy your time at our places. But please be alert and follow these guidelines to keep you and your family as safe as possible.

We are dedicated to looking after landscapes for ever for everyone. We want them to be healthy, beautiful places, rich in history and wildlife, and enjoyed by all who visit. It’s also very important that people remain safe on their visits, both indoors and outdoors.

Where we can we put up safety signs. But we look after hundreds of thousands of acres of land and 775 miles of coast in the UK.

We can’t put up signs everywhere. It wouldn’t always be appropriate or welcomed. We want to ensure as much as possible that visitors can enjoy natural sights without undue intervention or intrusion.

Be alert

This is why we feel that asking visitors to always be aware and vigilant of potential risks at coast and countryside is one of the strongest ways to help them look after their personal safety.

We encourage everyone to make sure that they are aware of any hidden dangers, high and low tide times and local weather forecasts.

Check local conditions

When visiting coastal places, for example, sea conditions can change rapidly. There can be rip currents even on the calmest days, particularly where there is a river nearby.

Some beaches are not safe to bathe at. You should always follow the advice at beaches and coastal areas.

We would also reinforce the message put out by safety organisations, such as the RNLI, that it is better to bathe at lifeguarded beaches.

Use common sense

There are lots of other ways to help keep safe:

•    Always keep an eye on children and pets.
•    Follow proper pathways and routes. Avoid cliff edges or walking on terrain you are unsure of.
•    Make yourselves aware of local conditions before planning any trips outdoors – particularly if you don’t know the area.
•    We strongly suggest that you check out the safety guidance we and other organisations provide.

We want you to all enjoy the diversity of our coastline and countryside. But we also want you to keep safe to enhance that enjoyment.