Storm damage at South Milton Sands

The storms battering the dunes

During the 2013/14 storms the popular beach at South Milton Sands in Devon was significantly damaged and altered.

Around two thirds of the sand dune system, and the board walk entry points to the beach, were washed away. A vehicular access track was destroyed and the coast path damaged.
The National Trust has since invested a large amount of time and money to repair the damage, restore the access and make the beach safe and enjoyable for visitors once more.

Significant damage

Our coastline is shaped by the power of the ocean and from time to time extreme conditions have a dramatic effect on our landscape and local communities. The storms back in 2014 destroyed harbour walls, we lost access to popular stretches of coastal footpath and communities were devastated by the flooding.
Many days of hard graft from our staff and coastal volunteers, who work tirelessly to maintain access and keep our coast beautiful, went down the pan overnight. This unprecedented event cost the National Trust in the South West over £800,000.

An ongoing challenge

Thanks to our generous supporters, the National Trust is a conservation charity that can make a real difference. By giving a donation, however small, you will help keep our coast healthy and adaptable and protect it as much as possible from extreme weather events which, with climate change, are becoming more common.