Suffragette City

Surveillance photographs of Suffragettes imprisoned in Holloway

This March we invite you to walk in the shoes of a Suffragette and experience what it was like for those campaigning for suffrage in London, before the partial grant of the vote to women in 1918.

This immersive experience is inspired by the extensive collections of The National Archives, which include Home Office, Metropolitan Police and Cabinet papers, as well as pamphlets and letters seized in raids on the Women’s Social and Political Union’s (WSPU) headquarters.

The experience will focus on the real testimony of Lillian Ball, a dressmaker and mother from Tooting, who was arrested for smashing a window in 1912.  As with many women of the era, Lillian confronted life-changing choices that led her to join the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) causing her to be involved in militant action, leading to her arrest, interrogation and imprisonment. 

Join us at our re-created WSPU headquarters where you will be set tasks and confront the difficult decisions faced by those in the movement.  You will explore the depths of the London Pavilion and Piccadilly Circus, one of the most important areas of Suffragette activity.

For the National Trust and The National Archives the project forms part of their wider programmes that commemorate 100 years of the 1918 Representation of the People Act, which granted the vote to property-owning women over the age of 30 or graduates voting in a university constituency. It also marks 90 years since the 1928 Amendment of the Representation of the People Act that created equal suffrage between men and women.

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To find out more about The National Archives' Suffrage 100 programme click here.

This project is a partnership between the National Trust, The National Archives and the Aziz Foundation, delivered by O’Neill/Ross


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Important information

Ticket prices

Full price ticket: £18.50

Student concession: £12.50 (please ensure you bring a valid ID)

(Please note that we are not offering offering a discount for members, as this event is beyond what would normally be included within a National Trust membership)

Dates & times

Thursday 8 – Sunday 25 March 2018 (not open Mondays)

Tuesday - Saturday: 12.30- 9.30pm, Sunday: 12.30-5pm

Duration: 1 hour approx

(Please note that there are 4 timeslots per hour and there are 6 tickets available per timeslot. If you are having difficulty booking a timeslot it may because that timeslot is almost full. In this instance please try booking another slot)


London Pavillion, Piccadilly Circus, London W1J 0DA

(The precise entrance will be sent to you via email, once you have booked a ticket)


This experience is fully accessible.


The content of the experience is targeted at adults, however, it is suitable for children. Therefore we are leaving it up to parents/carers to decide whether your child would find the experience interesting. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 


If you have any questions please call 07780 004243 or email